Dear Future Token owners!

Welcome to the website of Watereum!
Our company is committed to sustainability and its support – climate- and water protection, also minimizing its ecological footprint.
In the spirit of our mission we started our brand new and unique, blockchain technology-based token called Watereum.
In points of the MENU, you can find every important information about the recently issued Watereum, which you can purchase by clicking on the WALLET LOGIN button, after the creation of your digital Wallet.
We recommend you our infographics and our short movies, which provide you with more information on the process of purchasing Watereum token.
Thank you for joining our endeavours aiming the creation of sustainable global water management!
FuturAqua Mineral Water Production and Asset Management Plc.

Supported internet browsers

We would like to point out, that the Watereum website and the Watereum Wallet manager is compatible with the following internet browsers: Chrome, FireFox, Safari

Issue with Avast Antivirus

We inform our Esteemed Partners, that Avast Antivirus is falsely alarming for phishing about the Wallet management system of Watereum. We are working on the solution for the problem and we already reported the mistake to the developers of Avast. The warning needs to be ignored and normal operation can be achieved.