WATEREUM – “FuturAqua – The future of water – Water of the future”

Since its foundation, FuturAqua Mineral Water Production and Asset Management Public Limited Company is interested in the research of mineral water deposits, management and utilization of water assets. Our company is also committed to sustainability and its support – climate- and water protection, also minimizing its ecological footprint.
As a responsible corporation we believe, that through our activity on the field of water management we can contribute to securing the future of our planet and civilization – to stopping and preventing the water crisis threatening more and more people around the world, furthermore to the environmental sustainment of our freshwaters. To that of the freshwater indispensable for life, which is becoming more and more valuable these days, because it has become – the current and future – number one treasure of the Earth.
In order to realize our mission, we are continuously looking for new solutions. In the spirit of all this we started the brand new and unique Watereum – our token based on the Ethereum ERC-20 blockchain technology, which can secure the future of our grandchildren, the protection of our drinking water, and its environmental sustainment at the same time. One unit of Watereum grants the permission to transport on litre of drinking water from FuturAqua Plc., from the excellent quality and significant amount of freshwater deposit of the wells at disposal.
Watereum can mean shelter for our own grandchildren, because we are able to – thanks to the token – provide them with access in advance to the life-giving drinking water, even in case their direct habitat would suffer from a drought. Watereum can provide help today and in the close future to those people too, who now are already in need of drinking water, because the owners can use their tokens anytime.
Watereum is also dedicated to helping the creation of sustainable water management. With each and every intention of water transport we together can support such innovative solutions and programs, which aim the protection of the water deposits of Hungary, and the installation of its sustainable water management system.
Beyond all this, by exploiting the further potentials of the Watereum, we wish to create such and innovative blockchain technology. which can contribute to the creation of a fundamentum-based global water market, therefore – as an effective answer to the strategic challenges of the drinking water of the future – global water commerce can step up to a higher level of consciousness.
So, by providing permission to transport drinking water, we seek to build such a worldwide system, which can provide help in the close future already in globally creating sustainable water management. By this we can join the achieving of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, meaning we can take care of the plenty and clean freshwater deposits of not only our own grandchildren, but all generations of the Earth to come.
All this concludes the mission of our company, essence of which is: “FuturAqua – The future of water – Water of the future”.